#WayOutWednesdays: Mexrrissey – No Manchester

Each Wednesday, we’re going to feature something from the musical world that’s maybe a little whacked-out, but maybe a little (totally) amazing. We’ve dubbed this #WayOutWednesdays (because hashtags).

I’m not sure that I could have seen this coming or imagined this happening, but Mexicans love Morrissey. Like, a lot. Apparently glum ol’ Moz is a big, big thing for those in Mexico proper and for Mexican Americans.

Given this information, a Mexican Morrissey tribute album seems inevitable, and was released this month (March 2016), under the absolutely incredible Mexrrissey moniker. The album is titled “No Manchester” and features twelve re-worked Morrissey tunes, translated into Spanish and given a Mexican flavour. This was absolutely going to happen. I’ve seen calypso Nirvana tributes and bluegrass Radiohead covers. The question is, though: Is Mexrrissey any good?

Yes. Mexrrissey is a fantastic time.

I expect to listen to Mexrrissey all summer.

Morrissey – whatever you may think of him – has some great material. In or out of The Smiths, there have been piles and piles of worthwhile songs given to the world by Daddy Moz. Even in his more recent output, there are some gems. Take “The First of the Pack to Die”, from his 2004 release “You Are The Quarry.”

This is a totally fun and listenable pop song, with Moz’ signature preening overtop. It also happens to be the first song tackled by Mexrrissey on “No Manchester”. Let’s see where they take it…

Holy shit. If you can listen to that and not wish that you were getting blasted by the sun on a patio somewhere, drinking a too-light beer that has a slice of fruit floating in it… I don’t know what I can say to save you from yourself. This whole record seems to be a solid and super fun package, and has managed to get me interested in listening to some more Morrissey and some more Mexican bands.

Summer can’t come soon enough.

Author: markmeeks

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