Anchor Saison

More daylight means more time for drinking in the sun. With the weather taking a nice turn around here, I decided to pick up something a little lighter than what I’ve been drinking recently. Anchor’s known primarily for their Steam, which isn’t at all my thing, but I’m fond of saisons (thanks to Driftwood’s awesome Farmhand Ale) and I remember Anchor’s porter being alright. So in the name of science and good reviews, let’s get a nice buzz going.


The bottle: Standard 355mL size, but the more compact shape, with a continuous graceful line from neck to base, is very pleasing to the eye and hand. The label’s got a touch of the ’70s to it and even hints at the citrus flavour to it. All around good presentation in my books.

The colour: I know it’s an ale, and related to Belgian beers, but still this surprised me when it was more of a darker, Belgian-ish sort of colour. Looks really nice in a glass, but really, the bottle is so pleasing that the glass seems like a bit of a waste.

The flavour: Light. Mildly hoppy. Yeasty, but not in a bad way. Hints of spices, the names of which I’m too clueless to know. Just enough lemon/citrus that you know it’s there. Each element of the flavour seems complementary and never weighs down the light, easy-drinking feeling of it.

The verdict: I don’t drink lagers or pilsners, really, which means that my options are limited in the warmer seasons. Anchor Saison is a great option, with lots of character from the spices and lemon but not too heavy. They call this a spring ale, but honestly I could drink this all summer, too. Let’s go find a beach and drink this while we watch the sun set.