Stone Coffee Milk Stout

Another week, another absurdly dark beer! At the Stone Brewery just outside of San Diego, every beer on tap was hoppy as shit, even their imperial stout. Still, I couldn’t resist a the promise of a milk stout with coffee notes, and life is too short not to try new brew.


The Bottle: Standard 355mL in a six pack. Instead of a paper label, it has that painted-on stuff. The devil drinking beer? Works for me!

The Colour: As black as my soul.

The Flavour: Between Stone’s preferences and the coffee, this is a bitter beer. However, it’s balanced nicely against the milk sugar, and thankfully not syrupy sweet because they kept the alcohol content low (5%). I get everything I could possibly want all wrapped up in a single beer.

The Verdict: Delicious and rich. I wouldn’t drink these in any sort of marathon session, but one or two after a hard day of work would be just about perfect. Enjoy!