Reevaluating the Reevaluating series

Around the time that we launched this website last year, I began to write a series in which I took another look at Pearl Jam – a band that I had always hated. It started as a bit of a joke, but quickly became an enjoyable and strange part of my life. For a period of a few months last year, it seemed that 80% of the conversations that people would start with me would be about Pearl Jam in one way or another. That was weird.

Having just wrapped up that series for good, I’ve been feeling something lacking. Pearl Jam had become something that I could always return to and write about. Coming up with a fresh premise for blog posts is difficult. As such, I’m hoping to start reevaluating the catalogue of another artist very soon.

And I would like your help.

Should I start in on another band like Pearl Jam? Should I tackle some band that I remember loving as a youngster to see if they still hold up? Should I just do shorter one-off articles about different artists instead of an in-depth album-by-album series? Should I reevaluate my life and maybe hit the gym and get off my butt and maybe get a second job?

I need to know.

I’ve thought of a few potential topics for a new series, and I invite you to vote for them or suggest others for me to tackle in the comments section below (or on Facebook, if you know me and will inevitably make fun of me for this on Facebook regardless). I will run the poll for a week and then decide on my new direction.

Thank you for your patronage and I look forward to becoming your go-to guy about some other band that people have mostly forgotten about.

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