Twitter Sucks: Don Cherry Edition

So I noticed that Don Cherry was trending on Twitter. I immediately wondered if he’d died. I wasn’t the only one.

cherry 0

From there, I was hoping to discover that he’d been fired. No such luck. Instead, it would appear that Cherry used some airtime during his weekly windbag slot to declare climate change a hoax because it is cold on the third of February in Canada. Yawn.

As one might expect, Twitter acted as a drain filter to catch all of the worst things pouring out of all Canadians at that moment. Here are some fun things that I found!

cherry 1

People probably wine about Don Cherry because his nickname is Grapes, my man! Trees leaving is no joke, though. The world is in trouble.

cherry 2

I’m always confused when people use the word “soft” as a pejorative, because all my life I have been desperate for soft skin.

cherry 3

Don Cherry is awesome: Liberal cucktards edition. Bonus: An account named “Support Local Police” using the expression “trigger”.

cherry 4I’m not 100% sure of what’s going on with this one. Whoever they are, they’d like everyone in Ontario to repeat Grade 8 for some reason. I don’t disagree, but I just really liked Grade 8 band class.

There were loads of posts expressing dismay that Don Cherry be allowed to bring climate denial to the airwaves, but that’s less funny and more… uh… valid. It is wild that our National broadcaster will just let a dizzy old man rant about “pinkos” for five minutes once a week. But what can you do? He’s a national treasure!

If nothing else, between this and the reemergence of Doug Ford, we Canadians can feel proud that America hasn’t absolutely cornered the market on stupid.

We can stupid too.


Author: markmeeks

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