Guys, I like it: “Blooms of Oblivion” by Emma Ruth Rundle

It snowed overnight in North Bay. According to the 10-day forecast, we’re not going to see the sun for… well, at least 10 days. This kind of thing puts a person into a real bummer mood!

Emma Ruth Rundle – “Blooms of Oblivion”

It’s a rare talent that can take an arrangement this sparse and have it manifest an atmosphere of dread and sorrow as weighty as this. A single guitar and vocal track do the heavy lifting to anchor the song, while ephemeral strings and piano intermittently swirl around them. It’s intimate and gorgeous, and things pull together to a crescendo that feels enormous without needing to get “loud”.

This wouldn’t work if the songwriting weren’t spectacular, which – true to Emma Ruth Rundle form – it is. I don’t often talk about song lyrics when I write about music, unless I’m pointing out something truly moronic. “Blooms of Oblivion” reads nearly as good as it sounds. The bleakly indirect poetic language integrates perfectly with the mood of the song, revealing enough to the listener for a glimpse into a situation that we can only speculate about. When married up with the intimate vocal performance, it’s really remarkable stuff.

As mentioned above, the production is tremendous and serves the tune so well. It is captivating and dramatic without tipping over into pomp or melodrama. Some people are allergic to this kind of thing, as this is world-class mope music. But to those of us who dig hard into our mope music, all the way back through to the earliest Leonard Cohen work to acts like Smog or Cat Power through modern mopers like Rundle, this stuff is a necessary outlet. It’s goosebumps music.

The album, Engine Of Hell comes out on November 5, 2021.

Guys, I like it.

Author: markmeeks

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