Down the Road – Pukwudgie Pale Ale

Beer and running are good friends. You drink a beer and think, “I need to exercise or this beer is going to make me fat.” So you go running, and it makes you feel fantastic, which leads to, “A beer would really take this good feeling to the next level.” And it does, but once again you think, “This beer is going to make me fat.” And so the spiral continues ever onward, the perfect symbiotic balance of anabolism and catabolism. Who needs Gatorade?

Anyway, I probably should have used a lede about the Pukwudgie, which is a troll-trickster thing from a local First Nations community called the Wampanoag (Down the Road was founded in the Boston area). Or maybe that the founder of the brewery is named Donovan Bailey, exactly the same spelling as the famous Canadian athlete. Can you tell who treats their body like a temple and who makes/drinks beer for a living?


(See, there’s my connection to the running/beer lede!)

The Bottle: A tall-boy can, actually. Pretty cool logo, but the label is way too big and requires you to rotate the can in order to read what it says and see the interesting image. Plus, it’s not printed on the can but rather on a weird plastic label that’s been glued on. Those criticisms aside, it’s the right volume for this kind of beer, perfect for filling a glass.


The Colour: Golden, a little brighter than this photo. Not exactly a dazzling hue, but I’m not drinking it for its tawny qualities.

The Flavour: Quite hoppy but without the corresponding extreme bitterness. It has those notes of fruit and wood but you don’t feel like you’re drinking soap. Sweet enough to balance out the hops. Really tasty.

The Verdict: This is a beer that could serve a lot of functions. Having one in the sun after work? Or need to convince your mass-produced-swilling friends to try something from a smaller batch? Or plan to drink for hours? This beer can help you with all of those scenarios. I’ve been planning to bring a few beers back to drink with my illustrious colleague after our 10km race next month, and this might go on the list.