A Sawdust City Brewery Taste Adventure – Round 1: Little Norway Pale Lager

If you’re interested in seeing me all wound up and excited, and I mean giddy and squealing like a schoolgirl excited, take me to a brewery. Park me in front of a bunch of fridges full of beer that I can’t buy at the LCBO and I turn into this dog:


It’s embarrassing when it happens in public, but I did a similar happy dance this weekend when visiting the Sawdust City Brewery in Gravenhurst, Ontario. They’re in the heart of Gravenhurst’s charming little downtown and they have a giant fucking Muskoka chair in their parking lot and I think Joshua Jackson’s ass has been on it.


I frequently drink Sawdust City’s Golden Beach Session IPA. It’s a totally easy-drinking and crisp beer and I love it very much. I was beyond excited to get to the brewery to discover that they have all kinds of beer that I’ve never come across in-store. So many! And I was fortunate enough to obtain one of each. Over the next few weeks, I’ll review all of them.

First up: Little Norway Pale Lager
image1The Can: As it comes in a vibrant red and white can with a prominent maple leaf, Little Norway Pale Lager was a great beer to drink on Canada Day weekend. The graphic of the fighter pilot is fun, but a little clipart-ish. I’ve seen more interesting cans (hahaha… wow), but I was nonetheless pleased by the boldness of this can’s colour.

The Colour: This beer went directly from the can into my mouth. I have no idea what colour it is, but I would assume that it is a pale yellow.

The Flavour: A good friend of mine recently called me disgusting on Twitter after I had praised the increasing number of hopped lagers that seem to be coming out. In the face of this “criticism”, I nonetheless will reiterate it here: Pale Lagers are the shit. They combine the sweetness of a lager with a crisp, hoppy finish. It is the perfect summer beer that isn’t a too-sweet radler or fruity white beer. I’ve been drinking loads of Amsterdam Brewery’s Pale Rider, and Little Norway isn’t far off of that mark. It is delicious, and tastes excellent served very, very cold. An enjoyable beverage!

The Verdict: Sawdust City Brewing Company is 1 for 1! Little Norway Pale Lager is a beer that I would buy all summer if I could find it. I’m not saying that this beer alone is worth the trip to Gravenhurst, but perhaps in conjunction with the other beers that I’ll be reviewing (and the amazing hamburgers at the food truck outside of the brewery), I’ll be able to give a hearty recommendation that you all get your butts to Gravenhurst by the end of this series.

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