Ranking Every Nirvana Song – Part Twenty-Five: “Dive” vs “Blandest” (Plus another correction)

In the last post we took a look at “I Hate Myself and Want To Die” and “You Know You’re Right”. I knew, when I was writing it, that I value “I Hate Myself…” more highly than your average Nirvana fan or music fan. I even said as much!

Sure enough, some of my friends gave me shit for the ranked position of both songs, and I now recognize that they are probably ranked too highly. Later on, I will take a look at where they’re sitting and reassess their position when I rank this edition’s two tunes.

But hey, this post will probably also get me in trouble because I am pretty sure that I love “Dive” more than just about everybody else in the world.

This series is too much responsibility.


For me, “Dive” kind of encapsulates what I consider the “good grunge” sound. The churning riff, fuzzed-out vibe, and mix of heaviness and hooky-ness are more or less exactly what appeals to me about “grunge music” in general. You like METZ? I do! Pretty hard to imagine a band like METZ ever existing without a song like “Dive”.

In writing these posts, I have become aware that I give songs a substantial bump if I think that they’re fun tunes to play around with when jamming together with friends. I have two Nirvana faves that I want to play every time I get the opportunity, and this is one of them. The other one we haven’t gotten around to yet! Go ahead and guess what it is!

Anyway, this song rocks. Perfect bass intro. Central riff is a masterpiece. Great drum work. Groovy instrumental break. Sing/scream-a-long chorus.

I just love it so much.


“Blandest” is a B-side if I’ve ever heard one. Definitely a “let’s not put this one on the album” kind of song.

The central riff seems like a lower energy derivative of other, better riffs. The song seems kind of plodding instead of sludgy. The melody in the chorus (shared by all instruments AND the vocal) manages to be a bit of goofy fun, but is also so dorky that I can’t really get behind it. Super embarrassing scream/wail at the end of the song.

I don’t have much to say about this that skews positive. Not a great track.

The Ranking

Alright, easy part first. “Blandest” can go sit in the bottom section of the list. I will put it between “Pen Cap Chew” and “Oh, The Guilt”.

Now let’s take a look at last week’s tunes. I still like them. I have kind of come to see “Son of a Gun” as a bit of a dividing line between songs that I think are really good and songs that are just kinda good. I’m going to put both of these songs just under “Son of a Gun”. Hopefully that will put this issue to rest.

“Dive”? I would love to rank it top five, but I am worried that I’m falling into the same trap that I fell into last time. My ranking is still going to be high for this one, though. I’m going to put it right UNDER “Territorial Pissings”.

God help us all.

The updated ranking is:

  1. In Bloom
  2. Heart-Shaped Box
  3. About A Girl
  4. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
  5. Breed
  6. Scentless Apprentice
  7. Territorial Pissings
  8. Dive
  9. Sappy
  10. Dumb
  11. Very Ape
  12. Lithium
  13. Serve The Servants
  14. On A Plain
  15. Drain You
  16. Polly
  17. Lounge Act
  18. Stay Away
  19. Sliver
  20. Tourette’s
  21. Love Buzz
  22. Blew
  23. School
  24. Rape Me
  25. Been A Son
  26. Endless Nameless
  27. Son of a Gun
  28. I Hate Myself And Want To Die
  29. You Know You’re Right
  30. Curmudgeon
  31. Moist Vagina
  32. Stain
  33. Mr Moustache
  34. Big Cheese
  35. Marigold
  36. Paper Cuts
  37. Lake of Fire
  38. Swap Meet
  39. Downer
  40. Scoff
  41. Aero Zeppelin
  42. Even In His Youth
  43. Oh, The Guilt
  44. Blandest
  45. Pen Cap Chew
  46. Do You Love Me?
  47. Ain’t It A Shame
  48. Clean Up Before She Comes
  49. Help Me I’m Hungry
  50. Beans

“In Bloom” is still the greatest Nirvana song of all time!

Live Clip of the Week!

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