#facemelterfridays: BABYMETAL – Metal Resistance

Each Friday, we’ll take a look at an album of extremely heavy or hard-hitting material – new or not – and talk about it. Because Thank God it’s Facemelter Friday.

I don’t have time to take a comprehensive look at this record, but it would be a total waste not to say anything about it. I love Babymetal. The funny thing is that they actually aren’t doing anything so different from a band like Asking Alexandria, who I totally took a shit on this week for being terrible. Is the difference that music like this sounds more credible and forgivable coming out of a teenage girl?


Actually, it just sounds way more metal than Asking Alexandria. The musicians and producers behind this band are fucking geniuses.

Judging by the tracks that have been released so far, Metal Resistance essentially stays the course from the last record, perhaps dialling down the pop elements in favour of heavier riffs and power-metal melodies. I’m fine with this! The previously released video for “Road of Resistance” had me excited for slightly more metal on this record, and found the band working with Dragonforce and evolving into a straight-up metal chanting act.

Look, Babymetal is a weird thing, but it is so much fun. Metal dudes who are too self-serious to admit this can feel free to enjoy themselves sitting around fapping off to Phil Anselmo’s white power videos.


Author: markmeeks

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