Phillips Bottle Rocket ISA

Back to Vancouver, and back to Vancouver beer. In this city, where good beer is exceedingly abundant, Phillips has gone from being considered craft beer to simply a tolerable brew. I’ll always have a soft spot for their Longboat Chocolate Porter, but most of their other stuff is unremarkable in the bad way.

Until now! Now they have a beer that’s unremarkable in the good way.


The Can: Busy, colourful, and promising a “supercharged” and “hopsplosive” experience. I do wish they could get the whole name on one side of the label, though. Definitely no trace of the word “balls” anywhere.


The Colour: Pretty light for my tastes, but most definitely within the range of beer-coloured things, so I’m in. It has the definite appearance of “I’m going to drink a shit-tonne of these” even if, in my current life, there’s approximately zero chance of that happening.

The Flavour: Serves the role of a “session ale” well. Hoppy but not overly so. Malty enough but still pretty light and easy to drink. Fancypants brewmasters might refer to it as “bright” or “crisp”.

The Verdict: It probably renders me a functional alcoholic to call a beer versatile, but there you have it. Bottle Rocket works well as a low-stakes drink after a day of work, or as the fourth pint you order at some bar on Broadway. Looking forward to having a few with my illustrious colleague when he visits.