Enjoying Your Life by Being the Recipient of a Beer Advent Calendar: Parts 13 – 15

According to Google Photos and its daily reminders that I’ve been alive for a long time, this time four years ago we were in fucking Mexico. Now we’re in North Bay and it is literally -20C today. If this isn’t reason enough to celebrate the fact that alcohol exists, I don’t know what ever could.

Here are some beers.

December 13: Royal City Brewing Co – Smoked Honey

Honey brown beer brings back memories of a certain budget beer of indeterminate origins from like 20 years ago, and also the Sleeman honey brown that would rather stick my face in blender than drink. So when I pulled this Royal City beer out of the box, I wasn’t feeling great about it.

Happily, my instincts were wrong! This is good!

The honey flavour is not overwhelming, which makes sense because it’s also competing with the rich smoky flavour of the smoked grain that they must have used. I’ve had some smoked beers in recent months that don’t balance the flavours nearly this well, tasting more like a charcuterie board than anything drinkable. This beer does it right, blending all of its different elements into a beer that has a lot of depth and is a pleasure to drink.

I enjoyed this very much!

Jollymeter score: 9/10

December 14: Nickel Brook Brewing Co – Cheeky Bastard Stout

Another dark beer, this one is a more traditional stout. It’s a good one, too.

It nails the rich coffee & chocolate flavours that make a good stout worth drinking. Super dark and thick, and completely opaque when poured. Pretty solid offering from Nickel Brook, who have a handful of other beers that I pick up from time to time. I might seek this one out again.

I know some folks that can enjoy more than one stout in a sitting (usually a pile of Guiness or something) and I just can’t imagine it. So rich and filling. I feel like I need to go have a nap after just typing about it.

Jollymeter score: 8/10

December 14: Whiskeyjack Cold Front Cream Ale

One of the first craft beers that I drank a fair amount of was a cream ale from Cameron’s Brewery, about fifteen (or more) years ago. I think that I may have gotten sick on it, because usually when I see a cream ale, I think “Ew! Cream Ale!”

This one is pretty nice, though. Slightly more bitter than a lager, but super light and drinkable. Suitable name and can for the deep freeze that just rolled in here in North Bay.

I think that I would opt for a straight-up lager if I wanted a beer on the lighter side, but one of these will do in a pinch.

Jollymeter rating: 6/10

I am finding that I write a lot of the same words in these posts. Maybe I should go to beer school… Kickstarter it is!

To start reading this series from the beginning, go ahead and click here!

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