Collective Arts – Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale Ale

I’ve had two meaningful excursions to┬áthe Imperial Pub in Toronto, a bar I’d never normally go to, and one that Google most flatteringly describes as “stalwart”. Both times I was there, I did a quick scan through their taps and settled on this draft, because 1) I was in the middle of a good conversation, and 2) I didn’t want to drink the Stellas or Bud Lights that were available. There’s probably some old adage about how necessity is good for making friends and shit (and not just the mother of invention), but I don’t know it. So let’s just move on!

The Bottle: Never saw it firsthand. The ol’ Googs shows me it’s a pretty plain, standard 355mL bottle with a shitty image and logo (as above). Looks like these Torontonians who snuck into Hamilton and are trying to usurp it are too busy grooming their excessive number of beards and not spending enough time or money on their graphic design.

The Colour: Golden, but dark enough that you’d never mistake it for pee. Unless somebody was really dehydrated and peed into a pint glass. Because then maybe it’d be a fair mistake. Anyway, look how pretty it was at the bar:


(It’s my incredible ability to describe the colour of beer that made me think I should review things in the first place.)

The Flavour: Very good. Quite hoppy but not absurdly so. A bit of the floral notes that come with beer bitterness, but not overwhelming. I think the reason it tastes so balanced is because it’s got more of a malty flavour than many pale ales. Overall, a great single pint, and also promising as the first of many pints. Yum.

The Verdict: These goons may be driving up rental and real estate prices in Hamilton (not to mention giving Torontonians a bad name), but they did a great job on this beer. I will order this again, preferably while listening to BA Johnston or rooting for the Ticats. Oskee wee wee.